Welcome to Oneplot Limited

At Oneplot Limited we are in the business of helping others succeed. Through genuine, quality and affordable property solutions, we help you achieve your dreams of owning your own properties  with guarantees you won’t find elsewhere. Whether you are coming to us as a private individual, a group of interests, or as a corporate organisation, our team of passionate professionals are always ready to assist you choose from an array of property development options or even create custom solutions just for you. And the best part is that our properties solutions are designed with the full understanding of your need for peace of mind regarding your investment

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Our vision is to deliver quality and affordable properties to all classes of people in Nigeria.


Our mission is to help people and businesses in Nigeria and throughout the world realize their dreams of owning properties.


Character, Competence,
Commitment, Consistency,


At Oneplot we are fully committed to connecting our clients with projects which align with our
vision of providing genuine, quality and affordable properties for all classes of people. With us,
you can always rest assured, because all our acquisitions are borne out of painstaking
background checks and due diligence – all our lands are free from government acquisition and
omonile interference.



Whatever you do, your dream of a beautiful life begins with a plan.

Wherever you go, your dreams of a beautiful home begins with a house.

Whoever you are, your ability to create a beautiful life and home needs money.

Visit, call, chat or email us today and lets help you get the advantage!