Oneplot Limited

To aid your understanding about our business and solutions, we have provided answers to
some of the most common questions people ask us. Of course, the list is not exhaustive and we
encourage you to always feel free to contact usĀ  any time.

Q: What is the size of the plot?

A: 600sqm and 300sqm

Q: What is the brand name of your estate?

A: Owners of Midland and Xtra View estate

Q: Are there any encumbrances on the land?

A: No! The lands are free from government acquisition and adverse claim

Q: What is the payment structure?

A: – Outright payment,
– initial deposit of 10k
– instalmental payment: Spread your payment between 6months, 12 months & 24 months.

Q: What other payments do I make apart from payment of the land?

A: a). Survey fee
b). Deed of Assignment fee
c). Development fee will be communicated later

Q: What happens if there is any form of default in payment during or after expiration date?

A: No penalty in any form within the stipulated period of completion of payment. In the event of refund, 30% (Administrative fee and others) shall be processed and paid after 240 days.

Q: Where are your properties located.

A: – Ibeju-Lekki,
– Ofada
– Itori.

Q: How much are they going for?

A: (a) Ibeju Lekki is 2 Million Naira per plot (600sq)

B. (b) Ofada 1.5 Million Naira per plot ( 600sq)

C. (c) Itori 600k per plot (600sq)

Q: Is there any PROMO on any of your locations?

A: Yes
Date: 1st June to 31st Nov 2019

Promo covers these locations:


Pay One Million Naira outright for a plot (600sq)
You get 20 bags of cement and 200 blocks.


Pay Initial Deposit of 400k and spread the balance of 600k within 6months
You get 10 bags of cement and 50 blocks

Pay Initial deposit of 500k and spread the balance of 500k within 6months.

Pay initial deposit of #100k and spread the balance of 300k within 6 months.

You are entitled to 10 bags of cement and 100 blocks. Applicable to number 2 & 3 locations above.

Q: How do I start the process of purchasing a land?

A:(a) Fill a subscription form with 2 passport photograph. One for yourself and the other for your next of kin

(b) Pay into our bank account:

  • Acct No: 0286329726
  • Bank: GTB
  • Account Name: Oneplot Limited

(c) Submit your filled form and teller to our office ( Block B6, Suit 9, Olugbede model market, Egbeda, Idimu Road, Lagos) or any of our Agents and you will get receipt for any of your payment and confirmation text.

Q: Are the prices for acquiring property in your projects negotiable?

A: Yes! When you are buying more than more than one acre of land

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