Stanley Okosodo

Stanley is a co-founder and Director of Operations/Planning and Control in Oneplot Limited. He is also the Lead Facilitator and Initiator of Ziongold Concept, a life-coaching and mentoring outfit whose goal is to liberate young adults from factors which limits their capacity to achieve their dreams. Amongst other things, he is a communicator of value, real estate/management consultant, speaker, and author.

As a workforce activator, Stanley speaks regularly to thousands of people in schools, seminars and conferences around the country, empowering them with the message of purpose and time consciousness. His work as a dynamic speaker has seen him rack up a proven track record of premium impact in the motivational leadership sphere where his work has seen him mentor, coach, and stir up time consciousness for the pursuit of destiny in lives of many young people. His greatest passion is to see youths, teenagers and college students discover where they belong in destiny on time and live to accomplish that purpose.

An aviator by training, Stanley is a creative thinker, a lover of innovation and believer in the ideology of possibility thinking. At all times, he is driven by a strong desire to develop the values, attitudes and character that will help people become more fulfilled in all areas of their lives. He is happily married and blessed with children.