As a multifaceted company that seeks to offer add value to the lives of people and businesses
of all classes, Oneplot specifically offers the following services:

• Property Management and Development: This is the arm of our business that handles
construction – building for rental, commercial and residential purposes. Midland and Extra View
estates are a brand of our estates which are currently open for market consumption. Contact us
for details on how you too own a property at these choice and affordable locations.

• Educational and Leadership Development Services: This is our training arm. A business
academy that trains entrepreneurs coupled with helping individuals to uncover the treasures
that lies within them

• Investment Services: This is the arm of our business that handles investment services.
You can save and invest money with us. It is also a platform to get loan.

• Consultancy and Advisory Services: This aspect of our business involves enterprise
development consultancy. Our team of experienced professionals are poised to help you with
all the tools you need to have a strong footing in your business as well as help you develop your
ideas for growth and expansion.